Building & Maintaining a Virtual Presence

Building & Maintaining a Virtual Presence

Building and Maintaining your virtual presence

Add Value to your customers through high-quality social media presence

Maintaining an engaging virtual presence is important, now more than ever.  In a recent presentation with the Saint Johns Chamber of Commerce, we introduced the importance of your “virtual” front door. To make your best impression online we encourage you to follow this protocol: be attentive and thoughtful about your appearance in online meetings, keep your website relevant and dynamic, engage through your social content, and be personable in emails. Sharpening these components of your virtual presence will allow you to create stronger relationships in a time that has many of us feeling distant.

Strong relationships, relevant, high-quality, and helpful content solidifies your brand awareness and increases client trust. 

You built up your social media audience – now what? 

Linking your website to social media channels presents a well-rounded, credible image. Make sure you include fresh and engaging content and a carefully crafted mission statement to connect with your audience. These practices set the foundation for strong relationships. It is clear that social media is a powerful tool for communicating but never underestimate the value of email connections. According to a 2017 Hubspot survey, 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. When considering the ultimate goal of fostering strong connections in this digital era, ask yourself: can I be more personable in my emails? How might you be able to add even more value to your connections? Sending video messages is a great way to connect with your clients. We like Bomb Bomb as a way to make our emails more approachable.

Your virtual presence extends to online meetings as well. Make sure to take just as much care when meetings with someone virtually as you would in person. While adjusting to the new normal of constant Zoom meetings can be challenging, we suggest you remember these tips for a successful call:  Eye contact is still important- focus on your camera, not your colleague. Frame yourself in an area that is well-lit with no distractions and communicate with confidence and expression. Whether you are taking meetings at your office or home, be sure your background looks professional and non-distracting. We recommend products like the Lume Cube to maintain optimal lighting conditions. Now you’re all set up for a successful virtual meeting and making great connections with your audience!

The management of an engaging “virtual” front door will allow your business to flourish during the digital era. These tips are the first steps you can do yourself. Personable content you’ve created goes a  long way in creating relationships. But know when to ask for help. Once you’re ready to tackle larger marketing strategies, reach out for professional guidance to polish your brand message for your new and growing audience!

Where do you want to add more value with your virtual presence? We’d love to hear your story, successes, and challenges. Send us a note and let us know how you’re doing.

Huge thank you to our team members at CycleHere Media for writing this content! Reach out to Tembo Collective today for help with building and maintaining your virtual presence.

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