How to use Do-It-Yourself Video to promote your business…

How to use Do-It-Yourself Video to promote your business…

Steps on Using Do-it-Yourself Video to Promote your Business:


Our partners at CycleHere Media were kind enough to put together this video for businesses in need of do-it-yourself video tips during this unusual time. In addition to the practical tips in the video above, here are some steps to consider when filming at home. 

First Step: Know your BRAND – Who are you, What distinguishes you from others in your field.

Claim that Brand and Emphasize it in your videos. (Pro Tip: do this wherever your business is expressed- social outlets, webpage, emails, in person, in your documents, etc..)

Second Step: Know Yourself (on camera)

Talent Tips –

  • Consider the Lighting (whether outdoors or in)
  • Check your position on the screen (Use the camera in Landscape position for Facebook, Horizontal for Insta Stories)
  • Consider ambient sound/microphone
  • Think about your face. Smile with your eyes.
  • Prepare your succinct message, but don’t memorize it
  • Mess Ups are Okay

Third Step: Design a “Concept” and Set Goals

  • A strategic “Concept” might be, as a Realtor, for example, that you’re going to produce and share “60 Second Showings”
  • A“Goal” would be to commit to one “60 Second Showing” per week, with other, brief, engaging posts every two days.

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