5 Ways To Create

5 Ways To Create

5 Ways To Create

How to create content:

If you want to create high performing influencer content, you need to think beyond the quality of the post itself.

Create Customer Personas 

Influencer content will generate a greater ROI if you have a customer persona on which to base the format and tone of your message. Well-developed customer personas will help to ensure that your content is targeted to the right audience at a macro level and, more appropriately, to the right individuals at a micro level. Targeting an audience that is female aged 18-35 is not nearly as effective as creating a customer a persona that is female, aged 24-35, college educated, interested in content about fashion, lives in the city. 

Integrate SEO in your content

Influencer content can generate positive results long after an article is posted. Potential customers may search for the product weeks or months later. Help them find your content by exercising SEO best practices in your article or review. For added value, make sure that back links drive traffic to high value landing pages and conversion touch points.  

Use Infographics & Video

According to brainrules.net, three days after you hear a piece of information you will likely only remember 10% of the message. However, if an image is added to that content, you’ll remember 65% of it. Video is even more powerful. According to a 2018 survey by HubSpot, 54% of consumers have indicted a preference to see more video content from brands. As well, branded video is nearly 3X more popular than branded blogs so be sure to include video in your influencer content whenever possible and appropriate. Adding video to your YouTube channel will also help with Google rankings. 

Make Sure Your Content is Responsive

Google is moving towards mobile-first indexing which means they will use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking as more web users access content from a mobile device. This means that is extremely important to ensure that you use responsive design so that your content is indexed properly by Google. It is also preferable as it eliminates the need to have one design for desktop and one for mobile. 

Make Sure Your Site Uses SSL

Although not directly related to how to create content, this is becoming an increasingly important issue since Google moved this year to more aggressively push webmasters to secure their sites. For now, sites without SSL show as ‘not secure’ in Chrome (SSL will show https in the URL compared to non-secure site that will only show http) but this warning is expected to become more pronounced in the months ahead. As this can impact how your content is ranked in Google, be sure to have SSL added to your site. It’s a simple, fast and inexpensive way to further ensure your content is optimized for maximum audience exposure. 

First published in FeedFront Magazine #45 

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